Solar Cities - Lisbon, 18-19 March


Solar Cities - Connecting innovation, investment and civic engagement for clean energy production and consumption

The Solar Mayors Initiative Kick-Off meeting will be held on the Solar Cities's second day and will bring together Mayors to write and sign the Solar Mayors Charter.

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From the 18th to 19th of March this year, Solar Cities will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) to connect local-level governments, civic actors, private sector and citizens around clean energy production and financing, and to present emerging technologies such as blockchain for solar energy.

While the 18th of March will be mostly dedicated to setting the scene and matchmaking between cities engaging in the solar power transition and crowdfunding platforms to get their citizens involved, the second day of the event will be hosted by the Lisbon Municipality and serve to conclude and sign the first version of the “Solar Mayors Charter”, an international declaration of Mayors pushing for the adoption of solar powers in urban environment and with their communities.

This initiative was launched by the United Nations Development Programme, together with the Citizenergy platform, the European aggregator platform of all sustainable energy crowdfunding platforms and Energy Cities, Europe’s largest Association of local authorities for energy transition.

Portugal was chosen as host for the kick-off event due to the country’s international reputation as a renewable energy leader and for being home to the local platform GoParity, which runs the Citizenergy aggregator together with the UNDP AltFinLab.

City Mayors from Moldova, Serbia, Georgia and Tajikistan have already confirmed their attend. Representatives of countries where UNDP acts (Croatia, Somalia, Lebanon, among others) and many European sustainable energy crowdfunding platforms will also be present and participate in the discussion. Several other Portuguese municipalities are expected to attend.

The initiative is co-funded by the UNDP’s Global Innovation Facility.

Find the full Agenda here