2015-06_Legal Review.pdf



2017_02 Legal Review (Update).pdf

D1.3_Result Oriented Report.pdf

D2.1_Legal Report.pdf

D2.2_Handbook on citizen RES business models.pdf

D2.3_Citizens Requirements Report.pdf

D2.4 - RES promoter requirements.pdf

D2.5_Main Barriers to Crowdfunding Investment in RE.pdf

D4.1_Pilot Project Planning.pdf

D4.2_Pilot Stage Implementation.pdf

D5.2_New Projects Plan.pdf

D5.3_New projects implementation report.pdf

D5.6_European Network of stakeholders.pdf

D6.5_Events report.pdf

D6.6_Report on SM KOL and awards.pdf

D7.1_Revised Performance Indicators.pdf