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What do you do when you have a big goal and too little money to achieve it on your own? You may ask your friends and family to help you by either donating a bit of money or giving you a small loan. When you expand that idea to an entire neighbourhood, community or region and build and organisation around it, it becomes a cooperative.

Energy cooperatives rely on members in the local community to band together and support projects that would be difficult to get started otherwise. Wind turbines, solar rooftops, biogas plants – many such projects get off the ground with help from the very community who later benefits from the energy they produce with the help of energy cooperatives. Energy cooperatives can cover small districts, entire cities, regions or even operate a variety of projects on a national level. It is all community energy – it just depends on how you define your community. Crowdfunding for sustainable energy projects is the natural extension of the cooperative idea to even larger communities. With the help of the internet, crowdfunding can draw support from people across entire countries and increasingly internationally.

Both cooperatives and crowdfunding take advantage of support from individual members of the public, or the crowd, to get projects up and running. One distinction between the two is one of structure. Crowdfunding platforms focussing on sustainable energy may have multiple different projects in different countries and may offer various types of participation (loan, donation, etc.) whereas an energy cooperative is a single organisation typically raising money to fund its own projects. Increasingly though, the lines are becoming blurred: cooperatives can make their own investment offers or can even make use of crowdfunding platforms to fund part of their goals.