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Under the cooperative Pajopower, we are substituting the current street lighting along the four major access roads to the city of Halle - Edingsesteenweg, Lenniksesteenweg, Nijvelsesteenweg and Ninoofsesteenweg, with more energy efficient LED lamps. As a European first, everybody is welcome to contribute to the investment in these lamps through Pajopower. The city of Halle is encouraging its citizens to participate in the investment in the sustainability of its city lighting. In exchange for the investments made by the Pajopower associates, the city of Halle reimburses Pajopower with portions of the monthly savings in energy costs. Currently, we are raising a total of 225.000 euro in funds. Under the motto “adopt your street lamp”, anyone can acquire at least one share worth 250 euro, or up to a maximum of 20 shares, totaling 5.000 euro per shareholder. A share of Pajopower cvba-so is a risk investment. The dividend is set by the annual general meeting, following the proposal from the board of directors after their evaluation of the financial statements, reserves and the outlook for the next years. The relevant dividend percentage for Pajopower cvba-so shares is limited by law to 6% per annum, as determined by the Royal Decree of January 8th, 1962 on the conditions for recognition of the national groups of cooperative companies and the cooperative companies for the National Council for Cooperatives. These dividends however, are not guaranteed. As Pajopower is a cooperative recognised by the National Council for Cooperatives, it is exempted from publishing a prospectus approved by the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority) when making public offerings. Each associate is free to withdraw from the cooperative after 6 years. In exceptional cases, associates are permitted to resign prematurely for personal reasons after approval by the board of directors. The annual general meeting also selects other local sustainability projects in which to invest. At present, we are preparing projects on energy renovations in schools, energy guidance of families, investments in solar power, wind, bio-mass and small scale hydro-power. Through this specific project, we gain a total energy efficiency of up to 400.000 kWh or the equivalent of the annual electric energy consumption by 115 families, thus saving 92 tonnes of CO2. If you are interested in participating in this offering, you can submit your application through the form on the page "Vennoot worden" (become an Associate) on our website. For further information, please contact us via Together with the city of Halle and several local organisations, Pajopower is holding a number of information sessions in order to clarify this project. The schedule for these sessions is available on our Facebook page and on our agenda. Also, if you’d like to invite us to explain our project during one of your own activities, please contact us via

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PajoPower CVBAso

PajoPower is a cooperative where citizens participate in energy projects. Our goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community. Since 2014 PajoPower has been in operation and the results are already visible. We all act and focus in local activities, in the hilly region of the Pajottenland and the Zennevallei (Belgium). Everyone is welcome, with an assured voluntary membership. We do decide democratically, each shareholder has one vote. You can use the organization to carry out economic activities and as a member you will be involved, by definition, because you are a co-contributor of capital. Independence. PajoPower is at the service of its members and is controlled by them. To truly take our responsibilities and govern well, we continue learning from the obstacles that come and evolve as a cooperative. Furthermore, we learn from networking with other cooperatives from national and international platforms. This exchange guarantees increased competitiveness and better service to members.

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Power Capacity


Exp. Energy Generation

400000 kWh


Participation Type


Crowd Investment Target

€ 50,000

Total Investment

€ 225,000


Start Date


Close Date








PajoPower CVBAso