Lamia Farm School

The Independent Energy School of Lamia is an initiative by the Stevia Farmers Cooperative in collaboration with Electra Energy Cooperative. Thanks to the University of Thessaly, a pellet maker is provided and shared between the cooperative members, who thus turn their waste into useful energy, instead of burning it in the field. Now the next step is to engage the whole community to become an energy school cooperative in Central Greece The Independent Energy School of Lamia is a Greek initiate to empower citizens towards an energy transition in Central Greece. Under energy poverty conditions and austerity measures in Greece, energy independency and community power models are now the way to create new jobs and opportunities for people. On the other hand, ensuring a better future while educating new generations on a sustainable way of being. Project goals: -ENGAGING THE PARENTS COMMUNITY INTO A GREEN ENERGY COOPERATIVE: we want the project to become a kick-starter for a regional social movement, with the scope of empowering citizens to become green energy pro-sumers. JOBS CREATION IN THE REGION: by collecting and processing wood and waste, as well as maintaining equipment and running new waste management initiatives in the Region. REDUCING ENERGY CONSUMPTION IN THE BUILDING BY 20%: optimizing thermal comfort by insulating the building. INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY BY 20%: by exploiting local biomass resources, we want to guarantee a lower energy bill, and in a second step, by introducing technologies to reduce electricity consumption. REDUCING CO2 EMISSIONS BY 20%: by dropping out of fossil fuels dependency, while generating thermal energy from locally generated bio energy resources. YOUNGEST GENERATION AS AMBASSADORS OF THE GREEN ENERGY COMMUNITY: turning the youngest generation into leaders of green action. Technical approach: the project consists of converting the central 500 kW oil heater into a biomass combustion system. Some of the parents and nearby communities are olive oil farmers who are willing to provide the annual tree prunnings for biomass conversion and to be used in the primary school. A biomass conversion kit is a group of technologies designed to make oil boilers suitable for combusting biomass based materials. The main component is a metal made biomass burner that is integrated in the combustion chamber of the oil boiler, replacing the oil combusting system . The savings by using local biomass are estimated on 4,830 euro/year for an investment of 12,000 euro. The school is annually consuming 11,000 liters of heating oil at the price 1,05 EURO/liter. With the new system the school will demand an annual amount of wood pellts of 24,000 kgs at a price of 0,28 EURO/kg The parents will be engaged to form a school cooperative to collect funds for additional activities involving kids as educational workshops for energy savings and recycling and helping refugees in the area.

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Electra Energy Cooperative

Electra is a Greek engineering cooperative that offers green solutions and engage citizens and communities to participate in the transition towards a sustainable, co-owned and efficient energy supply system in Greece. Electra is founded by a team of multi-disciplinary engineers and consultants with different professional backgrounds but that share a main vision: sustainable development and the creation of a shared economy for renewable energy sources

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Power Capacity


Exp. Energy Generation

3500 kWh


Participation Type


Crowd Investment Target

€ 8,000

Total Investment

€ 12,000


Start Date


Close Date



Lamia, Greece





Electra Energy Cooperative