ZEEV - Electric Mobility

Our first electric mobility project will allow ZEEV's business expansion and the accentuation of their impact in the Portuguese car industry energy transition. From the electric cars commercialization to the solar energy projects, the whole #ZEEV WORLD favors a more sustainable planet making it easy and simple to transit to an eco-friendly fleet. The Project To cope with its activity growth and its ongoing expansion project, ZEEV will increase its capital in order to make various investments, namely the acquisition and integration of management and business support systems with the goal of optimizing costs and maximizing its revenue potential at a prosperous time for ZEEV’s two main activity sectors: electric mobility and renewable energy. ZEEV is a People oriented company and pretends to share the benefits of its business growth opportunity with civil society. The Impact Processes optimization and more quality and accurate information will allow ZEEV to grow its revenues through up-selling and cross-selling, estimating a 40% growth in business volume for 2019, highlighting the sales of photovoltaic solutions. The growth estimate of electric vehicles and photovoltaic panels sales will allow a reduction of the annual CO2 emission of around 832 tons, creating a positive impact that will benefit the environment as much as planting 37.800 trees. Risk minimization and guarantees This loan is secured by a guarantee given by WBW, Lda., the group's holding company What if the campaign does not reach 100%? In the event of the campaign not raising the total amount foreseen, it is up to ZEEV to decide between: - Co-financing the remainder, continuing with the project and the regular payment plan to their investors - Do not continue the project, with investors being reimbursed in the total amount of their investments Early repayment of investment We are developing a Marketplace, aiming to provide liquidity to GoParity investors and at the same time to increase investment opportunities. Soon you will be able to create an offer on the Marketplace allowing other investors to take your position in an investment, settling it before time. Early liquidation is always dependent on the availability of a counterparty to take the position, and there is no guarantee that this can happen at any time. Lending is a risky investment, which can result in the partial or total loss of your capital. GoParity takes the necessary steps to minimize the risk of each project.

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GoParity - Impact Investing

GoParity is the first Portuguese crowdlending platform focused on sustainability projects. People and organizations lend money to the promoters of projects that aim to solve at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since April 2017 GoParity has funded 18 projects - from renewable energy production to energy efficiency and sustainable tourism - and raised more than one million euros.

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GoParity - Impact Investing